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Welcome to Pennybox LTC

If you are tired of waiting for lenses to acclimatise while they lie without lens caps in an open case, which leaves you worrying about the safety of the glass, you are in dire need of a Pennybox Lens Temperature Control!

Welcome to my blog

Here I will post feedback and reviews of other industry professional's who have used the kit. Additional to that I will share upgrades/ new developments. So keep following!

It is a no brainer that this case will change camera assistants way of work. No more time will be wasted buying heated dog blankets or waiting for lenses to acclimatise. Additional to that the focus will no longer be off due to too high differences in temperatures. And all that with a stylish and safe design.

Of course this is the first version of Pennybox LTC and therefore I am happy for feedback and comments so we can improve on it, which will be an ongoing project.

So far two Pennyboxes ('Moneypenny' and 'Trinity') are up for trial. But production will start soon. Pre-orders will be up shortly!

Welcome and Thank You!

For now welcome to Pennybox LTC and I hope you will have as much joy with those cases as I had building and using them!

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