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Pennybox LTC is a heated lens box system tailored to your needs/ work style.

FINALLY – A SOLUTION!  You no longer have to wait for lenses to acclimatise when moving from a cold camera truck to a warm set.


The idea of a heated lens box has been around for decades and while many attempts have been made to build one nobody so far has made one accessible for crew to work with. Until now! 

Pennybox LTC is a programmable heated lens case, which enables lenses to be kept at a constant temperature throughout the shooting day/ night.  

They have been used on the latest BOND movie and have received very favourable comments.


There are two prototypes available to be tested.  There have been no problems, but testing will continue until I am satisfied that there are no bugs. 

The lens cases have an LED display showing:

  • Target Temperature (1 – 23 °C)

  • Actual Temperature Readout (next to the lenses)

  • Timer function 

  • Voltage


It takes 1 hour to heat from 0 °C to the 23°C, which is at a slow enough gradient not to affect the lens.


The case has several inbuilt safety features to prevent overheating in any given circumstance, even if left on all night.

The TIMER function enables the user to:

  • Set ON until manually turned off 

  • Set ON until Target Temperature is attained

  • Set to DELAY:  

The delay can be set between 3hrs and 64hrs, which means that the case (as long as it is connected to power) will turn itself on after the programmed time has elapsed.

(This makes any assistants’ life easier, as lens fogging on set can now be completely prevented)


The cases run on 12 Volts and can be connected to either a power supply or a battery via 4 pin XLR. It doesn’t draw a lot of power so there won’t be issues with constant battery changes.


There is also integrated LED lighting in the lens case that can be switched on and off via an internal switch connected to its own power pack.



The inserts can be made for any lens set for a perfect and safe fit. For individual large zooms or long lens primes bigger cases can be made up.

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