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Pennybox LTC

Heated Lens Box

Pennybox LTC


Over the last decades there have been many attempts to make a heated lens box fit for set work. So far non have been made accessible for crews to hire.

Until now!!

In this version safety is key. While it offers the options one would logically hope for in a heated lens box it also has several safety features built in so you don't have to worry about  leaving it on day or night. 

It is a no brainer that this case will change camera assistants way of work. No more time will be wasted buying heated dog blankets or waiting for lenses to acclimatise throughout the day.
The focus will no longer be off due to too high differences in temperatures either. And all that with a stylish and safe design.


A case flexible for your needs

LED Display 

  • Target Temperature (1 – 23 °C) 

  • Actual Temperature Readout (next to the lenses)

  • Timer function 

  • Voltage

1 hour  from 0 °C to the 23°C, which is at a slow enough gradient not to affect the lens.

Inbuilt Safety Features

Timer function to:

  • Set ON until manually turned off 

  • Set ON until Target Temperature is attained

  • Set to DELAY (3 - 64 hours)


12 Volts via 4 Pin XLR with a power supply or a battery.

Integrated LED Lighting 

Inserts and case can be changed according to your work style & equipment

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